Dead Blonde Walking

Dead Blonde Front Cover 400x600

Somewhere along the line I got the idea that I wanted to write a short piece of crime fiction. The story would start from the viewpoint of a reporter who, for all intents and purposes, appears to be the protagonist of the story. By the end of the tale that reporter is dead and the viewpoint of the story shifts to the assassin who killed her, and the reader sees that the reporter has been set up–lured to her death by the promise of an interview that will make her career.

As is often the case, one story begets another. I started thinking about the assassin–one Monica Killingsworth, or so she presented herself–and what other sordid deeds she might have been involved in. A number of these short and novella length stories, detailing her bloody exploits, were published in various anthologies and I have gathered them together along with a few stories that have never appeared before.

Monica Killingsworth has a penchant for rugged men, Turkish cigarettes, expensive jewelry, and kills people for a living. 

When Killingsworth finds herself with a bloodstream full of lethal poison and only hours to live she goes to the only friend she has–a woman she once set up to take the fall for a series of assassinations. 

With a cadre of angry hit men on their tail, she blazes a trail of bullet-riddled corpses in a desperate gambit to procure an antidote before her time runs out.


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