What I’m Reading: The Curse of the Necronomicon


Aside from its obvious connection to Lovecraftion Mythos (the heroine of the tale, Elisa Hill, hunts down the mythical Necronomicon) this book also presents some tidbits for those who enjoy cross-over universes.

Around page 20 Elisa Hill requests Demerara rum from a stewardess because the situation she finds herself in is similar to the situation that an associate of hers might find himself in, and Demerara is a favorite drink of his. Though not specified, those familiar with Dillon as written by author Derrick Ferguson, will know that Demerara is his preferred drink.

Also, in another nod to Derrick Ferguson, the character of Diamondback is directly mentioned. Diamondback is a more obscure character of Ferguson’s–a modern day gunslinger for hire, who wreaks havoc wherever he goes. As of this writing none of Diamondback’s adventures are currently in print, so tracking them down might be a very difficult task.

-Joel Jenkins
Author of Weird Action & Adventure Fiction


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