Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins 3


My latest books has now on the virtual newsstand–also known as Amazon–and can be purchased in Kindle or print format.

A description of its weird and wonderful contents lies below:

Experimental Nazi sonic weapons drive a gigantic snake to madness, and a werewolf tracks a group of slaves escaping via the Underground Railroad. A plague of zombies sweeps the North American continent while a skateboarder and his girlfriend flee into Mexico and find a desperate group of survivors trying to raise a zeppelin and escape the flesh-hungry hordes.

Perverse cults perform rites to bring horrific and demonic entities through the outer voids to reign in blood and fire upon the Earth. Risking the enmity of the gods, the Greek hero Diomedes gathers strange artifacts from distant lands so that the Trojans might be defeated. On a bet, four musketeers picnic on the bastions of St. Gervais and uncover an evil beyond their imaginings.

-Joel Jenkins
Author of Weird Action & Adventure Fiction


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