What I’m Reading: Spark by John Twelve Hawks


The bio of John Twelve Hawks informs us that this name is a pseudonym and that Mr. Twelve Hawks lives off the grid–presumably to stay out of Big Brother’s all seeing eye.

And that seems to be the overriding theme that Twelve Hawks explores between his Traveler trilogy and this (thus far) stand alone book, Spark, about an assassin who feels no emotion, and which takes place under a slightly futuristic backdrop where government can track nearly everything you do and record your every conversation.

And I say slightly futuristic, because when it comes to government surveillance these books aren’t that far fetched. Currently the US government, without a search warrant, sifts through millions of emails looking for keywords and puts constitutionalists on lists of likely terrorists. Your cell phone is a tracking device you voluntarily carry with you at all times, and can likely be turned on remotely so that others can listen to your conversations even when you aren’t on the phone, and vehicles with OnStar can be remotely shut off.

Probably , I’ll get put on a watch list for writing a blog post critical of the omnipresent Orwellian government surveillance.

Twelve Hawk’s books are the modern version of Orwell’s 1984, except more fun to read.

-Joel Jenkins
Author of Weird Action & Adventure Fiction


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