Shared Universe of First Synn


This book is obviously pulp-inspired, but in addition to the frenetic pulp-style action it also tips its hand a few times, name-dropping characters made famous by Walter Gibson (AKA Maxwell Grant) and Lester Dent (AKA Kenneth Robeson).

Apparently, Gideon Synn, his sister Kathy Synn, and their henchmen are legally represented by one “Ham” Brooks. Doubtless, this is Doc Savage‘s henchman Theodore Marley Brooks who has shared many adventures with the Man of Bronze.

In another tip of the hat to Gideon Synn’s pulp progenitors he is often referred to as the Ginger Giant; Doc Savage was often called the Bronze Giant.Unlike Doc Savage, the Ginger Giant has the snappy catch-phrase, “Freeze or bleed!” which he calls out when he has his gun pointed in his enemies’ general direction.

The book also mentions that the Ginger Giant has learned the secret of invisibility, by clouding men’s minds, from one Lamont Cranston, who is the alter-ego of The Shadow. Or at least he was on the old Orson Welles Shadow radio shows I used to listen to.

All these crossovers will be of interest mostly to prolific pulp readers and/or fans of the Wold Newton concept of a shared universe.

-Joel Jenkins
Author of Weird Action & Adventure




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