Month: December 2016

Covers of the Dire Planet

Below is a collection of the covers for the Dire Planet series:



Dire Planet (Book 1): Cover by Mats Minnhagen, Preview

Exiles of the Dire Planet (Book 2): Cover by Noel Tuazon, Preview

Into the Dire Planet (Book 3): Cover by Noel Tuazon, Preview

Into the Dire Planet (Book 3): Alternate cover by MD Jackson, Preview

Strange Gods of the Dire Planet (Book 4): Cover by MD Jackson, Preview

Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet (Book 5): Cover by MD Jackson, Preview

PulpWork Christmas Special (2012): Cover by MD Jackson, containing Lair of the White Ape which is depicted in cover illustration, Preview





Year of the Dire Planet

At the end of the year I like to do an inventory of a few of the things I’ve managed to accomplish. This is sometimes problematic since I often can’t even recall what I did on the weekend when someone asks me the next day. I remember being busy, but don’t remember the details.

2016 is very much like that. I’m pretty sure I did something, but not quite sure what. I did keep track of how many books I read and came up with a respectable 85 books finished and 14 discarded before finishing, either because of excessive profanity or excessive boredom.

I did have four books released through PulpWork Press (though I had to refer to Amazon to remind me just which books they were): Teeth of Necropolis, Dead Blonde Walking, Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins 3, and finally Rise of the Skull Crusher.





In addition, I had a Lone Crow short story published in the second issue of Story Emporium, and a Gantlet Brother story published in the PulpWork Halloween Special 2016.


As for what I wrote this year, my schedule went out the window and I ended up writing four consecutive Dire Planet novels (Abominations of the Dire Planet, Immortals of the Dire Planet, Forbidden Cities of the Dire Planet, Last Outpost of the Dire Planet). Considering there are currently five released Dire Planet novels (Dire Planet, Into the Dire Planet, Exiles of the Dire Planet, Strange Gods of the Dire Planet, Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet), this will bring the series up to nine books.

If all goes well Abominations of the Dire Planet could appear at the end of 2017.


Who’s Who in the Weird Worlds?

The wrap-around cover by the illustrious MD Jackson pictures quite a number of characters as written by author Joel Jenkins. Here is the complete listing:


Left to right:

  1. Tredia, former exile and new ally of the Muvari (appearing in the Dire Planet series)
  2. Naegrick, former member of the Scurm tribe and now friend and ally of Garvey Dire (appearing in the Dire Planet series)
  3. The Adder, Jean Paul Belanger–Master thespian and disguise artist, and midnight avenger
  4. The Eel, Vincent Spinelli–Master of escape, reformed thief, and midnight avenger
  5. (sitting on shoulder) Fineous the clever crow
  6. Jake Shaunessy–Who had an unfortunate encounter with vampires at a graduation party (also appearing in The Teeth of Necropolis)
  7. Amelia Earhart–famous pilot and adventurer who, on our earth, disappeared on a flight over the Pacific Ocean.
  8. Azark–shipwrecked adventurer who finds himself in entangled in the bewildering machinations of the guilds of Bathos (appearing in the Tales from the City of Bathos series)
  9. Astin-Resident of Saffronyia and son of the Mayor. Astin is known for his inexplicable ability to shoot people or creatures in the eye, even when it is not intended.
  10. The much maligned and put upon Mayor of the mystical land of Saffronyia, who as of yet remains unnamed.
  11. Porter Rockwell-famed Mormon gunman, who is said to have killed more outlaws than Wyatt Earp, Doc Holladay, Tom Horn and Bat Masterson combined.
  12. Matthias Gantlet–famous rock vocalist of the Gantlet Brothers, German defector, and adventurer (appearing in the Gantlet Brothers series)
  13. Blake Hawkins–Once he fought Matthias Gantlet to a standstill, reformed drug-dealer and criminal, now a personal bodyguard to Matthias Gantlet’s family. (appearing in the Gantlet Brother series)
  14. Damon St. Cloud–Former reporter and vampire hunter, who once lost his family to bloodsuckers because he came too close to uncovering the truth. (appearing in the Denbrook Supernatural series)
  15. Monica Killingsworth-Ice cold assassin and enemy of the Gantlet Brothers (appearing in Dead Blonde Walking, Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out, The Specialists)

Killingsworth Cover Cavalcade

Though ice cold assassin Monica Killingsworth has just one book to call her own, she has appeared on a number of covers.


Dead Blonde Walking, PulpWork Press (2016)
Cover by Damon Orrell


The Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out, PulpWork Press (2013)
Cover by MD Jackson
Book Preview


Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins, PulpWork Press (2013)
Cover by MD Jackson


The Dame Did It, Pro Se Press (2015)
Cover by Jeff Hayes


PulpWork Christmas Special 2011, PulpWork Press
Cover by MD Jackson


PulpWork Christmas Special 2013, PulpWork Press
Cover Design by Joel Jenkins


Bonus illustration from The False-Faced Killer, which appears in Legends of New Pulp, published by Airship 27(2016). Illustration by Ron Root.