Year of the Dire Planet

At the end of the year I like to do an inventory of a few of the things I’ve managed to accomplish. This is sometimes problematic since I often can’t even recall what I did on the weekend when someone asks me the next day. I remember being busy, but don’t remember the details.

2016 is very much like that. I’m pretty sure I did something, but not quite sure what. I did keep track of how many books I read and came up with a respectable 85 books finished and 14 discarded before finishing, either because of excessive profanity or excessive boredom.

I did have four books released through PulpWork Press (though I had to refer to Amazon to remind me just which books they were): Teeth of Necropolis, Dead Blonde Walking, Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins 3, and finally Rise of the Skull Crusher.





In addition, I had a Lone Crow short story published in the second issue of Story Emporium, and a Gantlet Brother story published in the PulpWork Halloween Special 2016.


As for what I wrote this year, my schedule went out the window and I ended up writing four consecutive Dire Planet novels (Abominations of the Dire Planet, Immortals of the Dire Planet, Forbidden Cities of the Dire Planet, Last Outpost of the Dire Planet). Considering there are currently five released Dire Planet novels (Dire Planet, Into the Dire Planet, Exiles of the Dire Planet, Strange Gods of the Dire Planet, Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet), this will bring the series up to nine books.

If all goes well Abominations of the Dire Planet could appear at the end of 2017.


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