To Hulk or Not to Hulk


Author Mariko Tamaki has decided to try a new tack with the She-Hulk and instead of making her a fun-loving powerhouse, she is apparently suffering from sort of post-traumatic stress disorder from her battle with Thanos in which she was knocked into a coma. Also, she is suffering sorrow because her cousin, Bruce Banner, has been murdered by Hawkeye.  All this is explained in the handy preface and hinted at throughout the comic.

This might be an interesting way to add some depth to She-Hulk’s/Jennifer Walters character, but not much happens in this first issue. We barely get to see a glimpse of a She-Hulk, which Jennifer Walters restrains–causing the reader to wonder if her newfound anger has caused her Hulk alter ego to be uncontrollable like that of Bruce Banner.

In this first issue, we find Jennifer Walters moping around her apartment and giving herself pep talks as she braces herself for going back to work in a law firm. She goes to work, takes on a case of a possibly schizophrenic and hoarder client (who appears to have some sort of inhuman mutation) whose landlord wants her evicted. Walters goes home, prevents herself from changing into the She-Hulk in the elevator, and talks to herself some more in the apartment.

In today’s comic book environment, stories are often told at a more leisurely, decompressed pace which is conducive to trade paperback collections. Though the Nico Leon art is good, this single issue wasn’t particularly compelling. Perhaps the sum will be greater than its parts, however, so I will give it a couple more issues to grab my interest.


-Joel Jenkins
Author of Weird Adventure Fiction


One thought on “To Hulk or Not to Hulk

  1. I absolutely adore the character of She-Hulk. I know that’s not something you hear people say often, but I do. I love this character. Sadly, she is not often handled well. For me, the three writers who captured her best were Roger Stern, John Byrne, and Dan Slott. I can easily recommend any She-Hulk stories by these guys. I’m not familiar with this writer so I will probably pick this up in trade to give it a shot. I just want a good She-Hulk comic. I hope this is it.



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