Places of Denbrook: Eldredge Trestle


This bridge on the southern edge of Denbrook, was originally built in 1804 and repaired numerous times since then. It spans the Crooked Water Creek—a tributary of the Hopkins River, which runs between three and six feet deep. During the winter the trestle becomes icy and more than a few vehicles have crashed through the side rails and a number have died in the chill river, unable to extricate themselves from their vehicles in time.

The architect of the bridge, Furnier Eldredge, is said to have hanged himself from his own creation after his wife took their six children and left him. Despite this early and unfortunate demise, his name and creation have persisted. There are a number of prominent architects both historic and current, who bear the Eldredge name and said to be his descendants, and many have buildings standing in Denbrook to attest to their skills and creativity.

More recently, bullet casings were discovered scattered across the bridge along with a pair of immolated bodies, which police were never able to identify.



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