Farona’s Girth


Farona is a legendary Muvari warrior of both incredible battle prowess and incredible girth and over the centuries the term “Farona’s Girth” has fallen into common Muvari usage as a mild epithet or exclamation.  There are historical incidents of serious oaths that have been sworn “By Farona’s Girth”, most notably Elri Shancumar who swore by “Farona’s Girth” that she would not lie again with her husband until a looting band of exiles was driven from the land.  Elri’s husband took this oath so seriously that, in violation of Muvari custom, he strapped on a sword blade and single-handedly routed the exile bandits.

Farona is one of the trio of warriors–that included Thavunye of the Spear from the Rathuri Tribe and Ardahla of the Munothi Tribe–who fought valiantly against overwhelming odds beneath the shadow of Golem Rock and drove back the Brecknarite armies who had formed a league with the spiderous sinthral.

Some legends say that three warriors swore a pact that united their tribes for all time but the symbol of this pact has been lost and the oath largely forgotten–each of the tribes becoming independent and isolated from each other.

Other expressions have evolved as well using Farona’s name. “Farona’s lip”, and “Farona’s thigh” are also commonly used–for Farona was said to have been blessed with generous quantities of both.



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