Month: March 2017

A Skelk in the Cake


The skelk is the Martian equivalent of a rat, and it is particularly agile and nimble because of its six legs.  These pesky rodents are often found in unlikely and unwanted places and the phrase ‘a skelk in the cake’ is likely derived from one or more situations where a skelk was actually found in the cake. This expression, however, has developed to signify any number of unwelcome or inopportune events, much in the same way that an inhabitant of Earth might say that someone has ‘thrown a wrench in the works’.


Gangs of Denbrook: The Pirates


This gang of sports fanatics have adopted the name and logo of Denbrook’s perpetually losing baseball team and claim the fringing borderlands of the Barrens. Their preferred weapon is the baseball bat and often they will come armored to battle wearing the helmets and pads of a baseball catcher.

They finance their gang by producing shoddy knock-offs of licensed t-shirts, jackets, and other memorabilia, which does not endear them to the owners of the Pirates baseball team. They also do a thriving trade in scalped tickets.


Gangs of Denbrook: The Mimes

Mimes 589x1000

The rather committed and very much deranged members of the Mimes bleach their faces pale, and consider all verbal communication as profane. They cut out their tongues and communicate solely through means of a bastardized sign language. These stalk the southern blocks of the Barrens and leave behind the bodies of their victims–those who they consider unclean–with throats slit ear to ear.


Geltar/Geltar Whip


The geltar is a cold-blooded, scaled creature which is sometimes domesticated for use as a beast of burden. They are thick-skinned, slow-witted, but incredibly strong and sometimes incredibly stubborn. The geltar whip is braided with diamond chips that can lacerate even the thick hide of the geltar, and is a most effective tool in making the geltar more submissive.  They are slow to anger, but there are more a few tales of a “geltar pushed too far” which has turned on its master and made a meal of her.

The geltar are used among the steltic ice mines of the Rathuri Tribe and also as beasts of burden among the agricultural tribe of the Fejuvisi.  Geltars are not commonly used among the Muvari Tribe.