Gangs of Denbrook: The Vampires


The Vampires: A group of wannabe vampire enthusiasts who get together and play at being vampires, drinking red wine and imagining it blood, and play acting their trysts and plottings, which sometimes become frighteningly real. Some of these vampire play-actors become so involved that they actually drink each other’s blood or involve themselves in murder.

Unsurprisingly, veritable vampire clans use The Vampire gang and other associations like it to recruit human thralls who will do their bidding—whatever it may be. These are useful tools for vampires who are unable to fearlessly move about in the light of day. Usually, there will be one or more actual vampires involved in the group, sometimes marginally or sometimes in a position of leadership. Vampires keep their thralls tractable by using a mixture of coercion, threat of violence, and the lure of reward, promising them that if they are faithful lackeys they will be given the gift of vampiric immortality.



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