Gejassoas 600x900

Gejassoas is a lightweight, flexible wood that grows with a hollow center–similar to the bamboo tree of earth, though this grows in caverns by the light of luminous moss. Its quick growth makes it ideal for a number of purposes, especially on a planet where wood is so scarce.

It is gathered by tribal members or slaves (though less often because the harvesting requires a machete and slavers don’t often trust slaves with weapons) and used for the production of furniture, doors, shields and many other products.

The lightweight gejassoas wood is also ideal for producing wings. Though not entirely necessary, the gejassoas frame is often filled with a buoyant gas and sealed with arshen pitch. Even without this lighter-than-air gas, arshen skin can be stretched across the frame of the wings and enables Martians to fly in the low gravity.



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