Mystery Men (& Women) 4


This recently arrived book contains a quartet of way-out adventures, including one written by me.

The Cult of Kali Kill takes place in the World War 2 Era and features the moderately unhinged Adder, a former thespian and master of disguise, and the Eel, a reformed cat burglar and retired Master of Escape.

This story finds them facing a cult of Thuggee stranglers as the Adder attempts to discover what has happened to his lost love. Those of you have read the Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins series may be familiar with the Eel and the Adder (Iron Monsters of Death in Weird Worlds 1, Dust of Death in Weird Worlds 2, and Death in Black in Weird Worlds 3), but this tale teams them with another midnight adventurer they have not yet encountered–a fellow who is known in the papers as the Mad Bomber!

Pick up a Kindle or Print copy today!



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