Mind Worm


Above: Depicts the size of a mindworm in relationship to a Martian hand

The mind worm is a parasite sometimes used by the Galbran to extract information from prisoners. The mind worm will crawl in through an orifice and infect the mind of the victim, causing them to hallucinate and eventually lose all semblance of their sanity. A side effect of this parasitic infection is that the victim babbles forth whatever is in his mind. Sometimes this will include an important piece of information which the Galbran are anxious to have. More often, though, the babbling describes various hallucinations which have no bearing on reality. The phrase ‘touched by the mindworm’ is used to describe not only those actually affected by the parasite but anyone whose sanity is in question for whatever reason.

Below: A Martian warrior under the effects of the mindworm

Mindworm Infection600x542.jpg




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