Month: October 2017

Head Served on a Silver Platter

Head Served on a Silver Platte 600x1079r.jpg

It is said that the technopriest Aughdatai Oness ordered that her enemy Sosawi Docaxe be slain and that her subjugate technopriests served up Docaxe’s head on a silver platter at a feast within the inner sanctum of the technopriests.


The Irss Clan

Irss Clan.jpg

The Irss Clan was once considered one of the three most powerful Clans of the Muvari, with hundreds of warriors at his beck and call. However, the Clan Patriarch Ebegon Irss desired the beautiful wife of his rival Theblun Ons and waged war upon the Ons Clan until every last one was slain. Ebegon Irss claimed Bethira Ons as his own, but only a handful of his own clan had survived the conflicts and Bethira was barren and was never able to bear him any children.


Crossing of the Skelk

Crossing of the Skelk 600x722.jpg

Once the skelk population, the Martian Rat, was so thick in the Muvari City of Ledgrim that they were said to descend upon nurseries and carry off babies. The shaman Nodrid Garl was said to have exerted his mental power over the horde of skelks and lure them all into the lava pits beneath Ledgrim. However, the mental exertion was so great that he toppled into the pits, himself, and was immediately devoured in the magma, along with the tens of thousands of skelks who died there. There is a bronze statue reared in his honor at the Crossing.