Month: November 2017

Martian Red Lizard

red lizard 600x531.jpg


The red lizard would indeed be a formidable foe if not for its soft underbelly, and if the Fejuvisites had not developed a tactic for fighting the lizards. The Fejuvisites build a rock pile with a central chamber that contains small embrasures. The rock pile is baited with rotting beshi meat which draws the lizard-like flies to carrion. When the red lizard mounts the rock pile, the Fejuvisi warriors thrust spears through the embrasures and slay the lizards from the safety of their concealment.


Khiver Root

khiver root 600x434.jpg

This tuber is something between a potato and a carrot, with a mild or bland taste. The khiver grows reasonably well in the light of the phosphorescent lichen, and there are hundreds of caverns in Ledgrim which are devoted to growing this staple.