Month: December 2017

Set her Teeth on Bone

Set Her Teeth on Bone 600x888.jpg

Muvari shamans who eschewed the use of narcotic mushrooms as a painkiller were known to put the bone of a beshi between the teeth of a patient before performing operations—such as removing an arrowhead or a ruptured appendix—and asking them to bite down on it. This act was obviously associated with pain and the phrase gradually evolved to encompass anything that might cause pain, whether it be a verbal or physical jab.



Nethratu 600x728.jpg

The nethratu is a rarely seen creature that dwells in the depths of Mars. It has chameleon-like qualities that allow it to blend in with its surroundings. It takes samples of the local colorations with tendrils that extend from its feet.

It possesses a thorny hide and whip-like appendages that are capable of slicing its prey asunder. Once it captures its prey, it attaches with various tendrils that grow from its hide or hands and sucks the innards out for nourishment.

There are some reports of animal shamans being able to control and employ this creature for their own purposes or for their tribe.


Gimsha Fetnig

Gimsha Fetnig 600x736.jpg

Gimsha Fetnig was a Muvari Warrior who lifted the beam from the Tunnel of Thusist Skell, collapsing it upon an incursion of Scurm attackers, killing them all and slaying herself in the process. The Tunnel of Thusist Skell was never reopened, and was in fact sealed off from the other side as well, and in honor of Gimsha Fetnig’s sacrifice, a statue was erected on the Ledgrim side of the tunnel.