Month: January 2018

Ears Set

Set my Ear 600x766.jpg

When a man or woman is married they symbolize that union by a piercing through their ear. So when a male or female is interested in a potential spouse it is said that they have their ‘ear set’ on them.


Presenting Swords

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It is a common custom for families to purchase their daughters swords and present them upon their graduation from the Weapons Academy, a required training for all Muvari young women who are in good health. Though sword training is in the Muvari curriculum from a very young age, the practice swords are generally made of wood until they reach the Weapons Academy. In the meantime, a popular practice of young Muvari women is to carry saps carved from the Kantha Mushroom, which has a long and fibrous stem. Kantha mushrooms are not particularly tasty and all but inedible unless consumed when they are at the stage of their initial sprouting. However, they grow very quickly and quite tall, and the stems are used to make furniture and any other number of wood products, including these saps. It is also a source of pride for the Muvari to carve elaborate designs upon these saps and paint them in colorful ways. Young men will also carve these saps, though this activity is frowned upon for the Muvari society does not want to instill the martial instinct in the males for fear that they will take unnecessary risks that might lead to an untimely demise and thereby reduce the male population which is already severely diminished.


Armistice Gap

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There is a legend of a Muvari warrior who was spurned by her husband when she could not bear him a male heir. In her sorrow, she threw herself into Armistice Gap thinking that she would fall to her doom. Instead, she fell upon the ledge and later another man heard her cries and fished her out of the Gap.

The legend tells that the man was so smitten by the beautiful Faris Sonja that he made her his own wife. She changed her name and let herself be considered dead, until years later after she had borne her new husband seven children, her former husband encountered her in the market one day and died in shock because he thought he had seen a ghost.



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The Fejuvisite city is named after the founder who was named Orastus, and each succeeding leader takes the name of Orastus as well. Orastus is known for its above ground millet production, with which it does a brisk trade with Ledgrim for steel implements and weapons.

Orastus is covered with nets to impede pesthule attacks. The residents worship a variety of gods, but most notable is  Yiyoo who is the goddess of fertility and bountiful harvests.


Aubrey Arthur and the End of All Magic

Despite the title calling this ‘the end of all magic’ I would maintain that this book has perfectly captured the magic of storytelling.  Russ Anderson Jr and Michael Fogg tell a great story with vivid and vibrant language.

Though this book by no means feels incomplete, I’m pleased to see that this is part of a planned series! I read this one with my nine-year-old daughter and we both enjoyed it quite a bit.


Dogs and Sorcerers

Here’s my latest book–a dark fantasy collection of interweaving tales taking place in the ancient City of Bathos, which is also known as the City of Corruption. This is the third in the series which includes Escape from Devil’s Head and Through the Groaning Earth.

Dogs and Sorcerers Cover 800x1192.jpg

“You can cover a lot of miles in the darkness. And there are a hundred thousand directions to ride in, but they always lead to the City.”
-Josh Reynolds, Author of Gotrek & Felix: The Serpent Queen

Rising from the demon-haunted pits beneath the peaks of Devil’s Head comes Sedrah, the Siren of Slaughter, seeking lost love and wreaking bloody vengeance upon all who stand in her path. An escaped slave challenges the sorcerers of the Sunken City for a beautiful nephanim stolen from beneath the ever watchful eyes of the brass gods of Molochi. Black dogs prowl the street and sorcerous plagues strangle victims in the whispering night. Tottering towers gleam in the waning moonlight, while painted street performers slink from the shadows on missions of mischief and death. These are the tales from the City of Corruption!

Dogs and Sorcerers continues the dark fantasy tales commenced in the ground-breaking Escape from Devil’s Head and its sequel Through the Groaning Earth–as told through the eyes of the denizens of Bathos, the City of Corruption. Here, where shrieks and the clangor of swordplay sunder the peace of the night, and where man must sweat and struggle to draw every breath of humid air.