Dogs and Sorcerers

Here’s my latest book–a dark fantasy collection of interweaving tales taking place in the ancient City of Bathos, which is also known as the City of Corruption. This is the third in the series which includes Escape from Devil’s Head and Through the Groaning Earth.

Dogs and Sorcerers Cover 800x1192.jpg

“You can cover a lot of miles in the darkness. And there are a hundred thousand directions to ride in, but they always lead to the City.”
-Josh Reynolds, Author of Gotrek & Felix: The Serpent Queen

Rising from the demon-haunted pits beneath the peaks of Devil’s Head comes Sedrah, the Siren of Slaughter, seeking lost love and wreaking bloody vengeance upon all who stand in her path. An escaped slave challenges the sorcerers of the Sunken City for a beautiful nephanim stolen from beneath the ever watchful eyes of the brass gods of Molochi. Black dogs prowl the street and sorcerous plagues strangle victims in the whispering night. Tottering towers gleam in the waning moonlight, while painted street performers slink from the shadows on missions of mischief and death. These are the tales from the City of Corruption!

Dogs and Sorcerers continues the dark fantasy tales commenced in the ground-breaking Escape from Devil’s Head and its sequel Through the Groaning Earth–as told through the eyes of the denizens of Bathos, the City of Corruption. Here, where shrieks and the clangor of swordplay sunder the peace of the night, and where man must sweat and struggle to draw every breath of humid air.


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