Dredged the Cess

Dredge the Cess 600x937.jpg


A Muvari way of saying putting two and two together. Legend tells of a wife, Lyeen of the Kimald Clan, who became jealous of her companion wife and the amount of attention she was getting from her husband. In a fit of jealousy induced acrasia Lyeen stabbed her companion wife to death and threw her and the dagger which she had used into the cesspools beneath Ledgrim. Some bloody tracks were found that led investigators to the cesspool which they dredged, first finding the discarded dagger which had been a gift from Tik Kimald to his wife Lyeen and was engraved with her name. Further dredging brought up the body of Xoxey Kimald and this was considered enough evidence to convict Lyeen before the Chief Judges of the Muvari.

The rest of the story is rarely related, but of equal interest. Despite her transgression, Lyeen was apparently a quite attractive woman and could be devastatingly charming when she wanted to be. She convinced her husband to help her escape, which he did, loosing her from her cell before she was slated to walk into the lava pits. He found her a secret cavern in the Dark Quarter and visited her every week. Lyeen bore Tik five children over the next four years (Muvari gestational periods are shorter than those of Earthings). When she was finally discovered she fled Ledgrim altogether with her five children. They fell in with a Sand Tribe, and Lyeen married a second time to one of the males. Eventually, Tik was able to recover three of his children, but he never knew the fate of the other two.



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