Golden Skelks

Golden Skelk 600x904.jpg

These are a hold-out from the pagan worship of earlier Muvari days when they had strayed from the worship of the All Father and his one son. One popular sect worshiped the image of a golden skelk which sat high upon a marble obelisk. This image was said to be of solid gold and three feet high and six feet long.

On days of festival, which were thrice yearly, the worshipers would bake cakes and leave them about the city for the skelks to feed upon. They carved little skelks made from the stem of certain fibrous varieties of mushrooms and presented them to each other as gifts. The wealthier worshipers coated the carven skelks with gold or silver and presented them to each other to gain favor and position and the even wealthier of the worshipers would cast them entirely from molten brass, iron, silver or gold. It was a sign of devotion and wealth to have many of these skelks about one’s abode and said to bring favor from the Great Skelk Who Dwells Beneath the Earth.

Though there are none among the Muvari who still worship the Great Skelk the tradition of presenting each other with gifts of skelks to gain favor has lingered on.


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