Month: June 2018

Are You Ready to Sell Your Life for a Carrion Eater’s Gizzard‽

Are you ready to sell your life for a carrion eater’s gizzard 600x571.jpg

This phrase indicates that they will be slain and be eaten by one of the many beasts of Mars who feed upon carrion. Most notably, this turn of tongue originated when the warrior Bilba Noss used it in a speech prior to going to war with the Chenjari Tribe, when her pitiful force was outnumbered twenty to one.

Bilba, who was renowned for her willowy beauty and callipygian figure, first fooled the Chenjari Chieftess into thinking she would betray her forces into her hands but instead launched a trap which slew many Chenjari.

All the Muvari were eventually slain, but when the battle was over the Chenjari had been decimated. A third rival tribe, the Fejuvisi, seeing the weakness of the Chenjari fell upon them and made them slaves. The Chenjari Tribe is now extinct, however their bloodline has now intermingled with that of the Fejuvisi.


Sar Savaht’s Gauntlet

Sar Savaht's Gauntlet 600x438.jpg

This is an ancient piece of technology which Sar Savaht recovered, repaired, and used to replace his missing left hand, which was burned off in an encounter with the artificial intelligence construct, Sved (later reprogrammed to become Svedra).

When originally discovered, this ancient artifact was malfunctioning and though it lent the user great strength it also sapped the life forces of the wearer, so prolonged use or intense use would age or even kill the wearer.

Sar Savaht was able to repair the gauntlet so that it fed off internal power sources rather than the energies of the person wearing it.