Should it Come to Swords

Should it Come to Swords 600x509.jpg

One ancestor of the Pesh Clan, Favrona Pesh, was told that because of the great debt her spend-thrift husband had inflicted upon the family, that her home would be forfeit and her five companion wives and eighteen children would be thrown to the streets.

She said that she would endeavor to see every penny of that debt paid even if she should have to sew skelk furs together to make cloaks to sell at the market, but that if anyone came for her home it would “come to swords”.

After praying for guidance she felt she should go glean the mushroom mines. Though this was unlikely to provide more than a meal or two for her family, and would nothing do in the way to compensate the man they owed a debt, she followed the prompting. While she was gleaning she found an emerald in the earth.

Elated to be able to pay what her family owed, she approached a money changer and was paid in gold. She separated the amount she owed, but when she went to pay her debt she found her home had been repossessed and her family tossed out. She paid the lender who still refused to relinquish her home, so she took up the Pesh family sword and slew seven men before the lender finally returned her home.

Favrona Pesh put her husband on a strict budget, invested her remaining gold in an oil sump and was able to support the family off the dividends. Local lenders refused to extend any more credit to Favrona’s husband when she personally visited each of them and warned them they would never receive one penny of the money they lent.



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