Month: August 2018

Chance of the Bones

Chance of the Bones 600x717.jpg

This phrase has grown to include or refer to any risky endeavor but originated in direct reference to dice, or the luck of the cast.



Sanctum 600x755.jpg

In order to promote some harmony in polygamous marriages, Muvari Clans, though they live under one roof, have homes which are divided into sanctums each which are under the auspices of one wife, which they are in control of, theoretically, without the interference of the other wives.


Sribner’s Idol

Sribner's Idol 600x477.jpg

There was a Muvari shaman who styled herself a priestess of the goddess Shrikna of the twelve eyes, whose worshipers came to the temple and bowed down before a golden idol that consisted of these twelve eyes melded together in a weird form over a gaping mouth. After making appropriate donations, members of the congregation could ask the idol questions and gain wisdom from this oracle of Shrikna. However, one day it was discovered that the high priestess, Sribner, was casting her voice and causing the idol to speak. Thenceforth, the expression ‘Sribner’s Idol’ suggests someone who is a mouthpiece or puppet for another.


Felluc’s Hammer

Fellucs Hammer 600x1059.jpg

Sashia Felluc and her squad of Muvari were trapped in a box canyon by an army of a hundred Galbran of the Scurm Tribe. At Felluc’s direction they built a cache of rocks and rubble, which was released at one blow of Felluc’s hammer, to crush scores of Galbran. Thus to accomplish many things at once or to slay many foes at once is now referred to as a ‘blow from Felluc’s hammer”.