The Gates of Ledgrim

Gates of Ledgrim 600x492.jpg

Once, a raiding party of one hundred Scurm Galbran flew to Ledgrim under cover of darkness and perched on the cliff walls high above the front gate. When a Muvari scouting party returned to Ledgrim and gained entrance to the city, the Galbran swooped through the open gates and attacked.

Even though the gates were not opened wide at this time they were wider than necessary and allowed the Galbran easy entrance. Though the Galbran were killed, they slew half a hundred Muvari that day, and three of the Galbran flew deeper into the city and it took weeks to hunt them down.

After this incident, Muvari stone smiths set to the task of smoothing the cliff face above the gates so there were no easy perches, and it became standard protocol to reel the gates open only as wide as absolutely necessary.



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