Month: September 2018

Like Flints Before the Maelstrom

Like Flints Before the Maelstrom 600x445.jpg

Some shamans use magnetized flints or crystals (the composition of which is different from Earthly flint) to read the direction and intensity of an impending storm—or to determine whether a storm is coming at all.


Leap That Precipice When We Come To It

Leap That Precipice When We Come To It 600x463.jpg

Once, a Muvari named Troi Deen was with a reconnaissance party in the rocky wastes to the north of Ledgrim and was caught in an ambush. All her party was slain, but she escaped by leaping three separate precipices as the Galbran chased her. Many of the Galbrans attempted the same leaps but fell to their doom. These chasms are now called the ‘Three Precipices’ and the story of Troi Deen is told often to commemorate her fantastic escape. Also used as a term to mean jump to conclusions.



Skutter-Shot 600x663.jpg

Skutter is the noise a flying object makes but, in Martian language, it has also come to be recognized as the sound of a flying quarrel that has missed its target, for warriors are very aware of this noise when a shaft flies past their heads. So a ‘skutter-shot’ has come to mean a missed shot or to refer to the idea of someone losing their path or their objective. This word is also sometimes used as a noun, referring to someone who has no clear aim or direction.



The Bells of Sisepha

Bells of Sisepha 600x452.jpg

Sisepha was a Muvari priest who captured a Galbran scout. All his methods of interrogation failed until Sisepha put him in the bell towers. The Galbran scout found the pealing bells so cacophonous and horrible that he gave up information about an impending Galbran attack, which the Muvari were able to thwart because of the specifics which Sisepha was able to extract.