Month: October 2018

Registered Wives

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All marriages must be recorded with the Muvari Records Office to be considered official. Warriors residing in the residence of a given clan, who are not registered, are considered to be hearth guards and, by strictly enforced Muvari Law, are not eligible for marital consortium, for the family unit is the recognized as the central component to Muvari and all societies.


An Invitation to His Parlour

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This phrase has two connotations. At one point an invitation to a man’s parlor was part of the courtship process, and a prospective wife would take part in a small repast where she would have conversation with the potential husband. Sometimes, it would even involve interviews by a husband’s other wives, where they would determine her eligibility.

In more licentious times, when the Muvari had fallen away from the worship of the Father and his One Son, a visit to a man’s parlor often meant extramarital intercourse.


Architecture of Ledgrim

Architecture of Ledgrim 600x575.jpg

In the early days of Ledgrim’s history when the Muvari Tribe took refuge in the great cavern system, they discovered off the edge of The Rift, every home and establishment was built to be defensible.

This practice continues to this day, though—largely because the outer defenses of the city have become more effective—the defensive architecture has in some cases become so lax it is merely ornamental.

Likewise, the practice of each clan always, night and day, posting a guard has become somewhat obsolete and is practiced only by a handful of clans.

Though an outsider, Garvey Dire saw wisdom in the old tradition of posting a guard and has continued this practice for the safety of his family. Though the wives of the clan are always armed or have a weapon within easy reach, generally it is only the guard at the front portal who wears armor.