Month: November 2018

Beryl Berry

Beryl Berry 602x990.jpg

Beryl berries grow thick in the rocky soil outside of Ledgrim and parties of foragers often brave the open daylight skies to gather buckets of them to make into preserves.

They are called beryl berries because their green coloration is similar to that of the mineral after which they are named. They have a mostly sweet, but slightly tart flavor, similar to the wild huckleberry of Earth.


Squall of a Skelk

Squall of a Skelk 600x775.jpg


The skelk, when in danger, emits a high-pitched squall, which makes it sound more fearsome than it really is. When someone says that they hear the squall of a skelk, and are not speaking of the actual rodent, they mean they are hearing big talk but there is little to back up those boasts or claims.


Anasthasi Tribe

Anasthasi Tribe 600x364.jpg

Smooth-talking merchants from the Anathasi Tribe showed up on the doorstep of Ledgrim’s main gates and demonstrated swords of superior quality, which could hew through bone and wood with an ease that was not known possible by Muvari steel.

In truth, these merchants had not discovered a superior alloy. They had found a handful of sword blades made by the ancients, and these were the swords they used to demonstrate the superiority of their wares.

In the meantime, the Anathasi blacksmiths forged many blades in a style that duplicated those ancient blades—and they sold thousands of them to the Muvari, before they realized they had been buying inferior goods.

Still, though that was eighty years prior, rumors of ‘superior’ Anathasi blades persist and though most of them have been broken and discarded, there are a few still circulating among the Muvari and these can fetch high prices because of their rarity and their supposed superiority.

One possible reason that rumors of the high quality of these blades persist is perhaps that few Muvari wanted to admit they had been fooled into spending good money on inferior blades, and so they quietly moved back to Caladrexian steel, rather than bruit about the sordid details of how they had been swindled.