Month: December 2018

Sticks, Hammer, and Fire

Sticks hammer and fire 600x366.jpg

This is a variation of the rock, paper, scissors game that Earth children play. Two fingers represent sticks which defeat the hammer (presumably by poking the bearer of the hammer in the eyes), the hammer (fist) trumps fire by beating it out, and fire (three fingers) defeats sticks by burning them.



Rethip 600x525.jpg

A six-legged beast with large tusks that burrows into the sands. Its eyes sit on stalks atop its head so it can peer out of the sands, everything else being completely covered.

When its prey comes near it leaps out and gores them with its tusks and gnaws on the bodies. It also often chases away smaller predators and takes their carrion.



Burrows 600x673.jpg

Some Galbran tribes refer to their underground cities as burrows and generally name them after the tribe.

In cases where tribes are large enough to have multiple burrows they often call them toes and number them. For example: The seventh toe of the Scurm Burrow.

Larger tribes have no restraint against numbering cities with a greater number than ten. However, such affiliations do not usually last for long. Often toes will split off and form splinter tribes and the originating tribe will go to war with the new tribe in an effort to reassimilate their lost toe.



snetch 600x397.jpg

The snetch is a furry beast which grows up to three feet long in extreme cases. It feeds upon adders and skelk, and is apparently immune to the adder’s poison. For this reason, it is considered good luck to see a snetch, for they help clear the area of poisonous snakes.

However, their pelts are also useful and utilized for clothing and blankets. The snetch are not generally dangerous to humans.