Month: December 2018


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Some Galbran tribes refer to their underground cities as burrows and generally name them after the tribe.

In cases where tribes are large enough to have multiple burrows they often call them toes and number them. For example: The seventh toe of the Scurm Burrow.

Larger tribes have no restraint against numbering cities with a greater number than ten. However, such affiliations do not usually last for long. Often toes will split off and form splinter tribes and the originating tribe will go to war with the new tribe in an effort to reassimilate their lost toe.




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The snetch is a furry beast which grows up to three feet long in extreme cases. It feeds upon adders and skelk, and is apparently immune to the adder’s poison. For this reason, it is considered good luck to see a snetch, for they help clear the area of poisonous snakes.

However, their pelts are also useful and utilized for clothing and blankets. The snetch are not generally dangerous to humans.


Dint, Oras, and Tasgar

Dint Oras and Tasgar 600x499.jpg

Dint, Oras, and Tasgar are three of the founding fathers of the Verm Tribe—revered by their progenitors for their legendary feats—some of them of dubious merit.

Dint stole thirteen women from the Scurm and Vengri tribes and made them his wives, siring, it is said, thirteen children in one night. It is from him and his eighteen sons that the Verm Tribe sprang.

One of these sons was Oras whose daughter Matheld was deturpated by the son of the Chief of the rival Vengri Clan. The chief of the Vengri Clan came to Oras offering a dowry for Matheld so that his son might marry her. Oras hid his anger and offered up twelve tuns of mushroom wine to celebrate the impending marriage.

When the wine had been consumed and the Vengri Clan was deep in its cups, Oras arose with ten men and slew every male of the clan who was over five years of age. He then took the most favored of the Vengri women for his own, distributed the rest to his ten warriors, and sold the remainder as slaves or concubines.

Oras was also known for slaying his wife, Sangretia, who was not able to bear him children. As she died, she cursed him by Baalbrock that his descendants would be the vermin of the earth, and it was hence that the tribal name “Verm’ sprang—for this epithet was adopted with pride.

Tasgar the 27th was one of the 63 sons of Oras and, to seize power, he killed his brothers, except for three which escaped, and took their wives as his own.

He was also known for slaying the tribal chieftain of the Scurm by thrusting him through with a spear at a peace parley and hoisting his body from a peak where the pesthules devoured it and left nothing but bones come the morning. Hence, comes the expression, “by the bones of the Scurm!”

Note: Prior to the cataclysm the birth rates of males were much higher. Also, for some genetic reason, post-cataclysm the Galbran have not suffered as much from the drastic imbalance in male to females as the other Martian Tribes.