Month: February 2019

Striking Blades to the Third Blood


Striking Blades to the Third Blood 600x387.jpg

As newly-appointed Chief Councilman, Garvey Dire has outlawed dueling as a way to resolve disagreements among Muvari, but the practice still persists. ‘Striking blades’ indicates a challenge to a duel. ‘To the third blood’ indicates that when one party has been injured three times the duel will be over and the party with three wounds will be declared the loser. About half the time, duels to the ‘third blood’ end in a fatality. A ‘striking of blades to the final blood’ indicates that a duel will be fought to the death.



Shooting My Tail

Shooting my Tail 600x554.jpg

This phrase has several English equivalents in “watching my back,” “sticking up for me” and others. The term originates with a Muvari male who was being stalked by a group of Galbran. This male was also being shadowed by a Muvari warrior with romantic intentions. Because of this, she was in place to shoot and kill each of the three Galbran that were tailing the male. Thus, ‘shooting my tail’ has come to indicate the act of standing up for or protecting someone.



Deaf Senrast

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A senrast is squamous beast and light reflects back from its scales in a rainbow of hues. It has six legs and rotating clumps of ears. A mound rises toward the front of its skull with double slits that are noses. It has a raspy breath and it uses the sound of its own breathing as a sort of echolocation. It has a diamond-hard tongue which it uses to thrust through and impale its prey.

A senrast is a very dangerous subterranean creature who is blind but navigates via its hearing. Consequently, a deaf senrast would be particularly handicapped, and so addressing someone as being as unaware as a deaf senrast is made even more insulting. This is a saying that is not uncommonly used among the various Martian tribes, variations of it having been found even among several Galbran tribes—though their usage of the phrase tends to be modified to the vulgar.



Feather Dancers

Feather Dancer 600x946.jpg

There are troupes of feather dancers which perform throughout various far-flung corners of Ledgrim, some of which are particularly noted for their grace and beauty. These women are generally clad in silks and oswagi feathers of brilliant colorations, which accentuate and provide great color to their performance.

Even though there is a surplus of women amongst the Muvari, feather dancers are considered highly desirable wives and there is great competition for them.


Plentiful Beshi in the Flock

Plentiful Beshi in the Flock 600x677.jpg


This is akin to saying “there are plenty of fish in the sea’ but there are no longer open seas upon Mars, so the Martians’ phraseology naturally indicates something with which with they are familiar.

For the Muvari males there is also somewhat of truth to this saying, since Muvari women outnumber the males by sixteen to one and though the practice of polygamy is encouraged, there are still many unmarried women.