Month: March 2019

Luck is for Skelks and Throwing Bones

Luck is for Skelks and Throwing Bones 600x399.jpg

Throwing bones is playing dice, which naturally requires luck, and the rest of this saying has likely originated because skelks who managed to avoid the traps and snares set for them are considered lucky.


Bohrian Wyrm Bird

Bohrian Wyrm Bird 600x492.jpg

The Bohrian Wyrm Bird is a scavenger avian that imitates human language quite effectively. It sometimes forms a codependent relationship with various predators, by luring in humans with its imitative abilities. The predator slays the human and later the Wyrm bird scavenges the bones. Often predators will allow the bird to scavenge before they are even finished. Apparently, they understand and appreciate the bird’s abilities in the hunting process enough to allow them to dine without waiting.