Month: March 2019

Run Down Like a Skelk by a Pack of Oswagi

Run Down Like A Skelk By a Pack of Oswagi 600x398.jpg

Though oswagi are able to run down much larger prey and are known for separating and hunting humans, they often hunt the large canyon skelks.



Bohrian Wyrm Bird

Bohrian Wyrm Bird 600x492.jpg

The Bohrian Wyrm Bird is a scavenger avian that imitates human language quite effectively. It sometimes forms a codependent relationship with various predators, by luring in humans with its imitative abilities. The predator slays the human and later the Wyrm bird scavenges the bones. Often predators will allow the bird to scavenge before they are even finished. Apparently, they understand and appreciate the bird’s abilities in the hunting process enough to allow them to dine without waiting.


Thelna Meln

Thelna Meln 600x1075.jpg

Thelna who has some renown for her skills with the javelin as well as her beauty, which is not detracted from by her crooked nose, is a companion wife of Orbrium Meln who participated in the defense of Shepherd’s Gate in the invasion of the winged pesthules, as related in Strange Gods of the Dire Planet. Thelna is fourth wife to Orson Meln, and has three daughters and one son.