Month: April 2019

The Worm Caves

Worm Caves 600x393.jpg

The worm caves were carved out to a large extent by worms who secrete an acid that dissolves stone which they devour, and in their wake they leave a silk like substance which can be used as fibers to weave clothing. The worms have since moved to other environs.


The Lost Tunnels

Lost Tunnels 600x852.jpg

These tunnels were once discovered by early Muvari who claimed the caverns of Ledgrim as their own, but they became so lost that when they finally wandered out into the central caverns they couldn’t recall how to retrace their steps. They made notes regarding the features of the tunnels, which included a waterfall over which passed a bridge, but it was not for another sixty years that they were found by other Muvari explorers who dubbed them the Lost Tunnels (and were able to retrace their steps without becoming, themselves lost.



Wedge of Opportunity

Wedge of Opportunity 600x734.jpg

Once a warrior named Ersi Thinbati was trapped in the vestibule of an enemy clan’s abode. The doors about her were locked, while the warriors of the enemy clan went to the second floor so that they might pour crossbow fire through the murder holes (machicolations) in the ceiling above. One of the locked doors did not fit tightly in its jam and Thinbati drove a wedge-shaped dagger into the crack, hammering on the pommel with the pommel of her sword, driving the crack deeper until the locking mechanism broke and she was able to escape, slaying three of the enemy Krosha Clan warriors as she escaped. This story spread far and wide and the term ‘wedge of opportunity’ became commonplace.