The Terraces of Yanouth


The Terraces of Yanouth 600x678.jpg

Yanouth was a Verm Khan who zealously expanded the borders of his city, driving out a conclave of Muvari who had thought Ledgrim too small and the laws too restrictive and emigrated to a series of descending caverns at the outer edges of the territories where the Muvari maintained outposts. These Muvari, led by a woman named Enper Endredi, who was said to keep two husbands—a violation of Muvari law—had created their own society and were about three hundred strong.

However, Yanouth Khan led a contingent of forty chosen warriors, broke the back of the Muvari resistance and drove them out. Enper Endredi and a dozen survivors made it back to Ledgrim, but Yanouth was tried by a high judge and exiled from Ledgrim—never to be heard from again.

In the meantime, Yanouth Khan made the Terraces, which had an abundant supply of waterfalls a part of Vermopolis and closed off its entrances so that it could not easily be retaken. For many years they were fearful of Muvari retaliation, but that never came. The Muvari had warned Enper Endredi of the dangers of leaving Ledgrim and didn’t feel the need or desire to spend lives taking back caverns they had no use for.




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