Fall of the Skull Crusher!

My latest book, the third installment that wraps up the saga of king Strommand Greattrix, and recounts the dramatic demise of his great airship, the Skull Crusher is newly released and available on Amazon.

Fall of the Skull Crusher Front Cover

THE MIGHTY AIRSHIP IS DESTROYED AND THE DARK EMPEROR RULES THE DUSTY LANDS. Having enjoyed his greatest victory against the hated enemy who slaughtered every relative of the royal family, Strommand Greattrix sits, restless upon the throne of Argalas, his vigor fading with the years, and bad habits he had sworn to forever discard creeping back to haunt him. Only when word of the return of his old enemy reaches him is he roused from his stupor. But is he too late to avoid the complete and utter destruction of the city and family he has painstakingly rebuilt from the ashes of the old?

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