Month: July 2019

Sap Balls

Sap Balls 600x871.jpg

This sap is gathered from certain subterranean lichen growth and seeps out. When mixed with dust or earth it can be formed into a rubbery consistency that will not stick to the flesh. One game the Scurm children play is Pummel, where they bounce the ball off a wall using bats and their opponent must return it to them. The loser of the game is struck thrice with the opponent’s bat and this makes for a vicious and competitive game, which sometimes devolves into the youth forgetting entirely forgoing the ball and instead falling to pummeling each other—which really is the main point of this cruel game.


Forbidden Cities of the Dire Planet

Forbidden Cities Front Cover

Book number eight in the Dire Planet series is now available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. The fabulous cover is by MD Jackson.

Stranded far from the sanctuary of the underground city of Ledgrim, the warrior Kawnos Sirk leads hated enemies across the churning stones and dust of the Sea of Sorrow even while being chased by cannibalistic tribes, fending off the winged fiends of the nighttime skies, and dealing with the treachery of her erstwhile allies.


The Quickest Sword Slays the Enemy

The Quickest Sword Slays the Enemy 600x912.jpg

Legend says that this was what the Muvari warrior Erayo Cage told a squad of twenty warriors when they arrived to help take a Galbran outpost. Erayo had tired of waiting and assaulted the outpost, slaying all twenty of the Galbran by herself so that there was nothing left for the twenty warriors to do but dispose of the bodies of the dead. Later, Erayo attempted a similar exploit but she was slain by an enemy crossbow bolt. Still, her name lives in infamy as do the words she spoke. Often this phrase will be applied to any other situation where an early arrival or quick response is deemed beneficial.