Ntashia Stridj Dire

Ntashia Dire 600x793.jpg


Ntashia Stridj first encountered marooned astronaut Garvey Dire when she mistakenly assumed he was pursuing her sister, Lana Shar, to the gates of Ledgrim. When the situation was explained she eventually relented from her intention of killing them and gradually, through a number of dangerous situations, a romance grew.

Her previous husband was slain and from that point, she suffered the stigma of not having adequately protected her husband. This was problematic because her eventual husband, Garvey Dire, was not content to sit in the background and let his wife defend him against the inevitable dangers of Mars.

At 5’6 she is abnormally short for a Martian woman, who average nearly six feet in height. However, this has not hindered her from gaining a reputation as a fearsome fighter, though she may not be as physically imposing as some of her counterparts.

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