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Sedrah: The Siren of Slaughter

Forced into the Courtesans Guild at a young age, Sedrah sought to transcend her position by winning a position with the Assassins Guild. She made few friends prosecuting the assignments of the Assassins Guild, so when she receives the assignment to kill a former ally she must make the choice between keeping her good standing with the Guild or taking the life of one of the few people in Bathos who she can trust.

Sedrah appears in the books Escape from Devil’s Head and Through the Groaning Earth and in the upcoming Dogs and Sorcerers.


Killingsworth Cover Cavalcade

Though ice cold assassin Monica Killingsworth has just one book to call her own, she has appeared on a number of covers.


Dead Blonde Walking, PulpWork Press (2016)
Cover by Damon Orrell


The Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out, PulpWork Press (2013)
Cover by MD Jackson
Book Preview


Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins, PulpWork Press (2013)
Cover by MD Jackson


The Dame Did It, Pro Se Press (2015)
Cover by Jeff Hayes


PulpWork Christmas Special 2011, PulpWork Press
Cover by MD Jackson


PulpWork Christmas Special 2013, PulpWork Press
Cover Design by Joel Jenkins


Bonus illustration from The False-Faced Killer, which appears in Legends of New Pulp, published by Airship 27(2016). Illustration by Ron Root.