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snetch 600x397.jpg

The snetch is a furry beast which grows up to three feet long in extreme cases. It feeds upon adders and skelk, and is apparently immune to the adder’s poison. For this reason, it is considered good luck to see a snetch, for they help clear the area of poisonous snakes.

However, their pelts are also useful and utilized for clothing and blankets. The snetch are not generally dangerous to humans.



Hobranx Pile

Hobranx Pile 600x622.jpg

This refers to a pile of hobranx feces, and the hobranx does leave behind prodigious piles of dung. This phrase is often used to refer to an assertion of dubious truth or sometimes to a product of poor quality. The picture above depicts a Galbran warrior standing near a pile of hobranx dung in order to illustrate the common size of a hobranx pile.


Desert Mammoth

Desert Mammoth 600x361.jpg

The desert mammoth is anything but mammoth. It stands approximately two feet tall with ivory tusks of up to a foot long as an adult. It uses these tusks to gore lizards and mice and feeds upon them. It does not much resemble the mammoth of earthly legend except for the tusks. Its nose is broad and slit thrice, and it has a wide tail which sweeps behind it, extinguishing its tracks as it travels.



Nethratu 600x728.jpg

The nethratu is a rarely seen creature that dwells in the depths of Mars. It has chameleon-like qualities that allow it to blend in with its surroundings. It takes samples of the local colorations with tendrils that extend from its feet.

It possesses a thorny hide and whip-like appendages that are capable of slicing its prey asunder. Once it captures its prey, it attaches with various tendrils that grow from its hide or hands and sucks the innards out for nourishment.

There are some reports of animal shamans being able to control and employ this creature for their own purposes or for their tribe.


Martian Red Lizard

red lizard 600x531.jpg


The red lizard would indeed be a formidable foe if not for its soft underbelly, and if the Fejuvisites had not developed a tactic for fighting the lizards. The Fejuvisites build a rock pile with a central chamber that contains small embrasures. The rock pile is baited with rotting beshi meat which draws the lizard-like flies to carrion. When the red lizard mounts the rock pile, the Fejuvisi warriors thrust spears through the embrasures and slay the lizards from the safety of their concealment.