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They Sleep Deep as the Mists in the Rift

The Rift 600x500.jpg

The great gate to the city of Ledgrim lies over the Rift, which drops a mile into the crust of Mars and is always shrouded with mist and smoke because of the volcanic activity at the bottom.

When it is said that someone sleeps deep as the mists in the Rift it means they are heavy in slumber or it can also mean that they are dead.





You Aren’t Early to the Water’s Edge

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The watering holes of Ledgrim, where young people are sent to fetch water for their clans, are notorious places to meet, socialize, and flirt. Young women who have not yet reached graduation into full-fledged warrior status primp and will sometimes wear full armor to the springs and pools, so that they might impress the males they meet with their martial prowess and their ability to defend and protect their potential mates.

When someone is “early to the water” they have attempted to get a jump on the competition so that they might have more time with a potential suitor. This phrase has grown to include anyone who gets an early start, and is not dissimilar to the earthly phrase, “the early bird catches the worm.”


Like Striped Honey on the Eyes

Striped Honey 600x755.jpg

There are several types of bees that roam the surface of Mars, but the honey of the striped bee is particularly sought after because of its smooth flavor and particular sweetness. Hives can be found hidden amidst rocky crevices and declivities, and the bees can be smoked out long enough to remove the honey without being attacked by the swarm. Originally a simile evolved comparing the sweetness of this honey on the tongue to the pleasantness of someone’s beauty or a longed for sight, such as water to a thirsty man or a landmark to a lost traveler. Eventually, this phrase was shortened.


Companion Mother

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This term indicates a woman who is married to one’s father, but who is not your biological mother. In the case where a biological mother is slain in battle or in defense of Ledgrim, the companion mothers will take up the rearing of the bereaved children.

It is likely that the companion mother will already have been involved in the upbringing of these children since they are often called to fill in when companion wives are assigned to various watches and outposts which take them away from their family.



The All Father’s Bosom

The All Father's Bosom 600x476.jpg

This phrase is formally used in Muvari funerary rites, expressing the desire that the deceased’s soul return to their Heavenly Father, or the One True God.

Typically, the Muvari consign their dead to the lava pits beneath Caladrex in elaborate funerary rites. It is expected that upon the second coming of the All Father’s Son that the lava pits will turn cold and the dead will be resurrected from their fiery slumber.


Kranuvi’s Thin Piece

Thin Kranuvi 600x535.jpg

The Kranuvi Tribe is infamous for its shrewd trading practices–some of which involve having scales that are weighted falsely and shaving coins for their precious metal. In fact, the Kranuvi Tribe minted a coin specially meant for trading with other tribes. This coin was thinner and contained less precious metal.

This gave rise to the saying “Kranuvi’s  thin piece” which came to indicate any bargain in which one party felt he was being given short shrift, an unfair bargain, or outright cheated.