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The Martians, who live primarily beneath the ground, have a number of words to describe a cavern. This particular word indicates a cavern that is near the surface and has access to the outside world. The term had also come to describe or name some tribes who dwell close to the surface and frequently venture outside.



Don’t Bite My Nose Off

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It is said that Kelves Riddan, a Munothi chieftain, once received ill news from a messenger that her troops had been defeated in battle with enemy galbran. To express her displeasure, Kelves bit off the messenger’s nose. This story spread far and wide and the phrase ‘Don’t bite my nose off’ has become equated with the idea of not taking out one’s anger on the bearer of bad news.




It’s Not a Sword’s Width To Me

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At one time Muvari blacksmiths were promoting the idea that a wider sword blade was more effective than a narrow one in blocking an enemy blow. As the alloys of the blacksmiths improved this increased width which was designed to give additional strength to the blade became unnecessary because even a narrow blade contained enough strength to block enemy swords without breaking. “It matters not a sword’s width” became a phrase indicating indifference or inconsequentiality, and this phrase also became commonly used among other of the Martian tribes.



Hitch Along

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The term ‘hitch along’ is derived from the story of Asha Guld, a Muvari warrior whose fellow warriors were slain while scouting. She was wounded in the right leg and unable to walk and so she used the body of one of her fellow warriors as bait for the pesthules and when night descended, so did the winged pesthules. One landed long enough for Asha Guld to tighten a noose around its legs. The first reaction of the pesthule was to escape and so it took to flight, dragging Asha Guild into the air after her. Asha Guld clung to the rope and the pesthule carried completely across the Rift where it finally regained its composure, cut the rope with one of its claws and left Asha Guld much nearer to Ledgrim, where she was discovered by other Muvari warriors and helped back into the city.