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Why Does a White Ape Cast Its Young in the Snow?

Why does a white ape cast its young in the snow 600x525

There are treatises in the archives of the Technopriests which actually speak to this subject and project that this is a survival mechanism for weeding out the genetically weak among the progeny of the white ape. However, to the vast majority of Muvari this remains an enigma and so the phrase ‘why does a white ape cast its young into the snow’ has developed to signify an unknowable answer.




Nethratu 600x728.jpg

The nethratu is a rarely seen creature that dwells in the depths of Mars. It has chameleon-like qualities that allow it to blend in with its surroundings. It takes samples of the local colorations with tendrils that extend from its feet.

It possesses a thorny hide and whip-like appendages that are capable of slicing its prey asunder. Once it captures its prey, it attaches with various tendrils that grow from its hide or hands and sucks the innards out for nourishment.

There are some reports of animal shamans being able to control and employ this creature for their own purposes or for their tribe.


Mind Worm


Above: Depicts the size of a mindworm in relationship to a Martian hand

The mind worm is a parasite sometimes used by the Galbran to extract information from prisoners. The mind worm will crawl in through an orifice and infect the mind of the victim, causing them to hallucinate and eventually lose all semblance of their sanity. A side effect of this parasitic infection is that the victim babbles forth whatever is in his mind. Sometimes this will include an important piece of information which the Galbran are anxious to have. More often, though, the babbling describes various hallucinations which have no bearing on reality. The phrase ‘touched by the mindworm’ is used to describe not only those actually affected by the parasite but anyone whose sanity is in question for whatever reason.

Below: A Martian warrior under the effects of the mindworm

Mindworm Infection600x542.jpg




Theroptra 600x454.jpg

“It came on six legs, working in concert and giving it a superb balance. For one moment those rear legs bent a bit deeper, and then the great feline sprang into the air, great muscles rolling beneath its speckled purple fur.”Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet

The theroptra is feline in nature, large enough to pluck up a man and tear him asunder between its great jaws. Its tail is ridged and able to slice through foes, and it has the added advantage of a chameleon since its fur can shift colors to match its surroundings.


Deadly Creatures of the Dire Planet: Oswagi

Oswagi 600x417.jpg

The oswagi are raptor-like creatures, about the size of an ostrich, that inhabit certain areas of the hot and steamy climes of the Rift Bottom. They are known for their blinding speed and their rainbow-hued feathers, as well as their deadliness.

The feathers of the oswagi are highly prized as ornamentation and as a sign of bravery. The priests of such galbran gods as Naalbrock and Baalbrock often array themselves in multi-colored cloaks of oswagi feathers which are passed down from generation to generation.