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Beryl Berry

Beryl Berry 602x990.jpg

Beryl berries grow thick in the rocky soil outside of Ledgrim and parties of foragers often brave the open daylight skies to gather buckets of them to make into preserves.

They are called beryl berries because their green coloration is similar to that of the mineral after which they are named. They have a mostly sweet, but slightly tart flavor, similar to the wild huckleberry of Earth.




Flaxicin 600x642.jpg

Flaxicin is a mold grown on the brown spotted mushroom, which is effective for driving out infection. The Muvari word for untruth and infection are the same, differentiated only by inflection. So, when someone is likely telling a lie, another might suggest that the hearer listen with a dose of flaxicin, so as to determine whether the words are truth or fiction.


Mushroom Chocolate

Mushroom Chocolate 600x395.jpg

Having been familiar with earthly chocolate, Garvey Dire was quite excited to taste mushroom chocolate, which is derived from a sap that seeps from a dark mushroom of a variety that grows up to five feet in height and in diameter. The mushroom chocolate was not, however, quite the same flavor as the chocolate to which Garvey was accustomed. It has a more earthy flavor more closely resembling a dark chocolate mixed with the bite of cumin. Though a bit foreign to the palate of the astronaut, it is considered a delicacy among the Muvari and is a popular item when trading with other tribes.

The mushrooms that produce this chocolate grow only in the climates of certain soil and caverns and it is said that the Scurm and Rathgur tribes of the Galbran once waged a fifty-year war over one such cavern.


Ascarna Tree

Ascarna Tree 600x416.jpg

The Ascarna tree is prized for its hard dark wood that polishes to a sheen. However, the Ascarna tree is very dangerous, plucking up unwary travelers or flying creatures (such as birds or the pictured pesthule) with its jagged branches and draining the blood from them.

To harvest such trees stakes filled with poison are planted near the tree, but out of reach of the branches. Gradually, as the tree dies, stakes of poison are placed closer and closer until the tree is completely dead and can safely be cut and harvested.


Echum Tree

Echum Tree 600x627.jpg

Echum Trees are named after the intrepid explorer Yuic Echum who traveled widely through the Martian canals, collecting various species of plants. In a cavern hidden away from the light of the red sun, she discovered a grove of sickly looking trees that despite their pallor seemed to be thriving away from the light of the sun. She brought a pair of seedlings back to Ledgrim with her and began planting these in the caverns. These took well to their new environment and propagated, providing a source of oxygen.