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A Sword in Our Hands and the Blood of the Enemy upon Our Fists


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An old saying which is known and used among a number of the tribes, but particularly among the Munothi. Some scholars suggest that this saying has been altered from ‘man’ to ‘woman’ when the male population dwindled so rapidly and severely that females became the protectors and warriors.



Martian Wilderness

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The dangers of the outdoors are so prevalent that the Muvari and most other of the Martian Tribes have grown to consider all things associated with the outdoors as undesirable. Having a dusky shade of skin is not considered undesirable, but having skin that is darkened by the sun, whatever the initial shade, is thought to be unhealthful and a sign of ill health. It is also often associated with criminality because exiled criminals are often ejected from the shelters of underground living and forced into the out of doors. Many Muvari suffer severe sunburns from just short exposure to the sun. For these reasons, the members of the Muvari Tribe are careful to cover their heads when going into the out of doors.