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Animal Shaman

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Animal shamans are rare individuals who are able to communicate and often command animals mentally. This is a difficult skill to learn and to teach. do take apprentices, but

Animal shamans do take apprentices, but usually they are contracted for years. Some animal shamans do indeed teach the art of communicating with animals—usually a shaman develops an empathy with one specific sort of animal—but other shamans exploit their apprentices and never teach them the art, either because their apprentice proves incapable of communicating with the animals or because they never intended to teach their apprentice the skill, instead utilizing them as a servant to clean pens and cages.



The All Father’s Bosom

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This phrase is formally used in Muvari funerary rites, expressing the desire that the deceased’s soul return to their Heavenly Father, or the One True God.

Typically, the Muvari consign their dead to the lava pits beneath Caladrex in elaborate funerary rites. It is expected that upon the second coming of the All Father’s Son that the lava pits will turn cold and the dead will be resurrected from their fiery slumber.