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Immortals of the Dire Planet

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The last bastion of freedom on Mars is about to fall…undermined by enemies within: a secret sisterhood of assassins and the fugitive remnants of the Yellow League–rogue Technopriests with the secret of immortality–who are returning with ancient weapons of unimaginable power, and vengeance in their cold, cold hearts.

Only an astronaut from future Earth and a motley alliance of Martian female warriors stand in their way.

Book 7 in the Dire Planet series is now available at Amazon.com in print and Kindle formats.


War of Knots

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Some tribes of the Galbran hold yearly tournaments similar to the hastiludes of the Muvari, but far deadlier. Ten contestants vie to prove their superiority in arms and strength, and the survivor wins five wives and a dozen servants and five casks of mushroom ale. One of the contests is the war of knots, which is similar to tug-of-war, where teams vie to pull the others into a chasm filled with spikes.

One of the unfortunate side effects of these hastiludes is it has the tendency to slay most of the best warriors of the tribe, thereby weakening them when it comes time to go to war. Naturally, the winner of the hastilude is expected to fight valiantly, which they almost always do, unless they have become drunkards, imbibing too much of their winnings.


Martian Height

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Height is considered desirable in both male and female potential mates. Some Muvari sages suggest this is because height comes with increased reach which is extremely advantageous in combat. Muvari men and women, the sages say, are subconsciously attracted to this trait because it will give their offspring genetic advantage in surviving the many Martian perils which will beset them.