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It’s Hard to Be Humble When You’re the Best


This second book in the Greattrix Chronicles is now out in ebook format and the print version should be along in a couple of days.

It takes place on a dusty planet with a lesser gravity than that of Earth and is a sort of sword and sorcery mixed with giant airships which do battle in the brazen skies. The protagonist is Strommand Greattrix, dispossessed prince of the kingdom of Argalas, who suffers from the possibly fatal flaws of ego as well as a weakness for a pretty face and feminine figure.

As the saying goes, “It’s hard to be humble when your the best” and Strommand Greattrix just happens to be just about the best warrior in Argalas, and a prince has a lot of attractive women throwing themselves in his direction, so humility comes hard-earned.

This volume finds a slightly more humbled and introspective Strommand Greattrix, but not one who is entirely immune to the temptations and manipulations of wily women. Strommand seeks out his uncle and enlists him in a desperate plan to retake the city of Argalas, which has been seized by the Damionite hordes–but there are a number of temptations and obstacles in their path.

As some of my readers know, my protagonists don’t always survive, so it really is a question whether Strommand Greattrix will survive his fatal flaws or if they will end up being his undoing.

Check out the preview chapters of Rise of the Skull Crusher or throw caution to the wind and pick up a copy.