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The Galbran




The Galbran are Martian tribes who have fallen into the degenerate worship of such gods as Baalbrock and Naalbrock. The different tribes, and there are many because they constantly are splitting or splintering, are constantly jockeying for power or territory.

They eschew work and so largely subsist by hunting or raiding, though some tribes will take slaves and force these to cultivate food. Because of the constant shortages of food many of the tribes resort to cannibalism–raiding enemy tribes and taking prisoners, which they will later eat.

Cannibalism is also a component of their religions, which involve human sacrifice and then the eating of the victims.

Some of the tribes retain the semblance of a family structure, but others mate at will and children are placed in a collective orphanage (for in these cases all children are effectively orphans) and are raised by overseers, much in the way that cattle is raised.

There is little in the way of education unless a child is lucky enough to be taken as an apprentice to one of the few craftsmen who ply a trade. Most of the children will be taught only how to fight, and the process is brutal and unforgiving. Many Galbran children die in training, long before they ever have the chance to go to war with an enemy tribe.

Galbrans prefer close fighting and fit their fingers and even toes with blades which they use to slice apart their enemies. Out of practicality, some Galbran tribes use knives and swords.

Many Galbran tribes make their homes in caverns near arshen pits, where they can slay these slug-like creatures and use their skins and pitch to make wings, which makes the tribes dangerously mobile. Often the edges of these wings will be studded with razors, so that a Galbran might sweep down and slice at an enemy.