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Reading Round Up & Crossover Universes

This week’s reading includes the following:

  1. John Dickson Carr’s Doorway to Doom


This one I found a few years back at the local library on the shelf of books they were shuffling off into oblivion by selling for a buck or two. The one I picked up had no cover sleeve and looks precisely like the book on the right of this photograph–except mine has the added character of being a bit more battered.

This is another one of those books that looked intriguing and I gambled a couple of dollars on it. It’s a collection of detective tales–usually of the locked door variety where no one can possibly have gotten in our out (or so it appears)–and also includes a number of radio scripts.

John Dickson Carr has a wonderful grasp of evocative language and though one or two of the stories fell flat for me, I found myself imminently entertained by the rest. All of these stories have weird elements. Often times these weird elements are explained away by the end of the story, but in some cases they are not!

I found I enjoyed the radio scripts just much as the short stories.

2. The Solomon Curse by Clive Cussler


Treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo discover underwater temples that have been swallowed up by the ocean on the coasts of the Solomon Islands and at the same time they got tangled in a coup attempt to overthrow the local government.

Bonus Weird Plot Element: Cannibalistic Giants!

3.  Dillon and the Prophecy of Fire (Chapters 1-3) by Derrick Ferguson

This story is currently only available via Patreon , where patrons of the arts can choose to give financial support to creators of their choice. For $1 a month you get a chapter of Dillon and the Prophecy of Fire.

Here we find Dillon hosting tech-whiz Wyatt Hyatt, professional thief Reynard Hansen, and the lovely Professor Ursula at his secret home, even while sinister forces marshall against him.

As usual, Ferguson assembles a colorful cast of characters in a highly entertaining story.

Bonus Crossover Content in Chapter Three: Wyatt Hyatt uses the Clip Pad computer device that he developed, which is first mentioned in Dire Planet, and Dillon wears a Gantlet Brothers: Black Intelligence tour t-shirt. Both of these crossovers were a complete surprise to me.


Who’s Who in the Weird Worlds?

The wrap-around cover by the illustrious MD Jackson pictures quite a number of characters as written by author Joel Jenkins. Here is the complete listing:


Left to right:

  1. Tredia, former exile and new ally of the Muvari (appearing in the Dire Planet series)
  2. Naegrick, former member of the Scurm tribe and now friend and ally of Garvey Dire (appearing in the Dire Planet series)
  3. The Adder, Jean Paul Belanger–Master thespian and disguise artist, and midnight avenger
  4. The Eel, Vincent Spinelli–Master of escape, reformed thief, and midnight avenger
  5. (sitting on shoulder) Fineous the clever crow
  6. Jake Shaunessy–Who had an unfortunate encounter with vampires at a graduation party (also appearing in The Teeth of Necropolis)
  7. Amelia Earhart–famous pilot and adventurer who, on our earth, disappeared on a flight over the Pacific Ocean.
  8. Azark–shipwrecked adventurer who finds himself in entangled in the bewildering machinations of the guilds of Bathos (appearing in the Tales from the City of Bathos series)
  9. Astin-Resident of Saffronyia and son of the Mayor. Astin is known for his inexplicable ability to shoot people or creatures in the eye, even when it is not intended.
  10. The much maligned and put upon Mayor of the mystical land of Saffronyia, who as of yet remains unnamed.
  11. Porter Rockwell-famed Mormon gunman, who is said to have killed more outlaws than Wyatt Earp, Doc Holladay, Tom Horn and Bat Masterson combined.
  12. Matthias Gantlet–famous rock vocalist of the Gantlet Brothers, German defector, and adventurer (appearing in the Gantlet Brothers series)
  13. Blake Hawkins–Once he fought Matthias Gantlet to a standstill, reformed drug-dealer and criminal, now a personal bodyguard to Matthias Gantlet’s family. (appearing in the Gantlet Brother series)
  14. Damon St. Cloud–Former reporter and vampire hunter, who once lost his family to bloodsuckers because he came too close to uncovering the truth. (appearing in the Denbrook Supernatural series)
  15. Monica Killingsworth-Ice cold assassin and enemy of the Gantlet Brothers (appearing in Dead Blonde Walking, Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out, The Specialists)

Gantlet Brother Cover Gallery

Below is a collection which includes the covers for the currently published Gantlet Brother novels, followed by two other covers of story collections which feature one or more Gantlet Brothers and contain a Gantlet story within.

Nuclear Suitcase Cover-FW.jpg

Book One: The Nuclear Suitcase, PulpWork Press (2010)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)


Book Two: The Gantlet Brothers Greatest Hits, PulpWork Press (2011)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)


Book Three: Sold Out, PulpWork Press (2013)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)


Book Four: The Specialists, PulpWork Press (2016)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)

Collections that Contain Gantlet Brother Stories:


Pulpwork Christmas Special 2015 (Preview)
Cover by MD Jackson


PulpWork Halloween Special 2016
Cover by MD Jackson


Weird Words of Joel Jenkins (Vol 1), PulpWork Press (2013)
Matthias Gantlet pictured on left, Blake Hawkins pictured center
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)