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Denizens of Bathos: Lothar


Lothar was a dual member of the Warriors and Thieves Guild of Bathos, paying dues to both organizations and rarely having much to show for his efforts after all dues and the Emperor’s taxes were paid.

After falling in love with Sheesa, Lothar hatched a bold plan to flee Bathos with his pregnant wife and make a life in the Broadlands over the mountains. However, the guilds don’t like members to quit their service–especially members who bring them in large amounts of coin.

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Lothar thinks he has a loophole because his contract with the guilds specifies that he is obligated until the end of time. However, the scholars have consulted the ancient scrolls and they say that time is coming to an end with an apocalyptic finality that will bring about the destruction of Bathos and the very planet…

Lothar appears in the books Escape from Devil’s Head and Through the Groaning Earth.