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Run Down Like a Skelk by a Pack of Oswagi

Run Down Like A Skelk By a Pack of Oswagi 600x398.jpg

Though oswagi are able to run down much larger prey and are known for separating and hunting humans, they often hunt the large canyon skelks.




Bohrian Wyrm Bird

Bohrian Wyrm Bird 600x492.jpg

The Bohrian Wyrm Bird is a scavenger avian that imitates human language quite effectively. It sometimes forms a codependent relationship with various predators, by luring in humans with its imitative abilities. The predator slays the human and later the Wyrm bird scavenges the bones. Often predators will allow the bird to scavenge before they are even finished. Apparently, they understand and appreciate the bird’s abilities in the hunting process enough to allow them to dine without waiting.


Calling a Skull a Skull

Calling a Skull a Skull 600x676.jpg


This expression is derived from a popular dice game called Rattle Bones. Rattle Bones is played with five eight-sided dice carved with various symbols and runes. Traditionally these dice were carved from bones of the enemy, though they are sometimes carved from wood or even stone. Originally some priests or shaman of Galbran and pagan tribes used these dice for divination and when all dice turned to show a skull, that was considered to be a sign of death, and became known as “death’s throw.” Often this meant that prisoners would be killed or sacrificed instead of meeting some slightly less horrible fate. Sometimes a shaman who was doing a divination would conceal dire prognostications by using a sleight of hand to change or spirit away the sign of the skull, and from this comes the phrase ‘sleighting the skull,’ which means to hide a hard truth. On the other hand, the phrase ‘calling a skull a skull’ means to tell the hard truth despite the consequences.



Vanuri 600x373.jpg

An extinct tribe said to have inhabited the City of Rainbow Towers in the ravines near the Moon Drift Mountains. Some maps now mark it as the habitation of dragons and satyrs. Dragons’ likely indicate large reptiles such as geltars, which are commonly used as beasts of burden in the Vanuri Tribe, and satyrs are likely the hooved and long-tailed beasts sometimes known as pipers, who haunt desolate places and have an eerie and haunting call, which can hypnotize and lure the unwitting, much in the way the sinthral can lure their victims.