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Ponder Thrice

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Gamma Medin, who was one of the founding mothers of the Muvari Tribe, and said to have borne eighteen children, four of them sons, and the rest mighty warriors, was reputed to have thought thrice before she hurled herself from a high defense and into the midst of a Scurm horde to buy time for her husband and progeny to seal the Back-Bridge Gate to Ledgrim. She slew ten galbran and then was transfixed by four spears, and continued to fight on until the gates were indeed sealed and she gave up the ghost. To this day, the Back-Bridge Gate remains sealed, walled off by seventy feet of brick and mortar.




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Naalbrock, like her male counterpart, Baalbrock, is endlessly thirsty for the blood of sacrifices. All sacrifices to her must involve at least nine victims or a multiple of nine, and the victims are violated by the priests and then by the followers prior to death. The followers of Naalbrock prefer to sacrifice captives from rival galbran tribes or from non-Galbran tribes. Despite the bestial appeal of this sect, only a few galbran tribes worship Naalbrock, for the priests of Baalbrock see the worship of Naalbrock as a threat to their own power, and have done their best to quash it.


Bajar’s Doomed Pit

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Bajar Cresh was a Muvari scientist who discovered a deep pit twelve leagues outside of Ledgrim. When she sounded the pit—a method of measuring depth by dropping a rock, and measuring the time before the sound of it striking returned—she found that no sound ever returned. Instead of determining that it was a very deep pit or perhaps that the rock fell upon a carpet of lichen growth, she decided on this slender evidence that the pit must go all the way through to the opposite side of Mars.


Ascarna Tree

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The Ascarna tree is prized for its hard dark wood that polishes to a sheen. However, the Ascarna tree is very dangerous, plucking up unwary travelers or flying creatures (such as birds or the pictured pesthule) with its jagged branches and draining the blood from them.

To harvest such trees stakes filled with poison are planted near the tree, but out of reach of the branches. Gradually, as the tree dies, stakes of poison are placed closer and closer until the tree is completely dead and can safely be cut and harvested.


Echum Tree

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Echum Trees are named after the intrepid explorer Yuic Echum who traveled widely through the Martian canals, collecting various species of plants. In a cavern hidden away from the light of the red sun, she discovered a grove of sickly looking trees that despite their pallor seemed to be thriving away from the light of the sun. She brought a pair of seedlings back to Ledgrim with her and began planting these in the caverns. These took well to their new environment and propagated, providing a source of oxygen.


Animal Shaman

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Animal shamans are rare individuals who are able to communicate and often command animals mentally. This is a difficult skill to learn and to teach. do take apprentices, but

Animal shamans do take apprentices, but usually they are contracted for years. Some animal shamans do indeed teach the art of communicating with animals—usually a shaman develops an empathy with one specific sort of animal—but other shamans exploit their apprentices and never teach them the art, either because their apprentice proves incapable of communicating with the animals or because they never intended to teach their apprentice the skill, instead utilizing them as a servant to clean pens and cages.