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Sticks, Hammer, and Fire

Sticks hammer and fire 600x366.jpg

This is a variation of the rock, paper, scissors game that Earth children play. Two fingers represent sticks which defeat the hammer (presumably by poking the bearer of the hammer in the eyes), the hammer (fist) trumps fire by beating it out, and fire (three fingers) defeats sticks by burning them.



Rattle Bones and the Death Throw

Rattle Bones and the Death's Throw 600x413.jpgRattle Bones is a common Martian dice game that is played with five eight-sided dice carved with various symbols and runes. Traditionally these dice were carved from bones of the enemy, though they are sometimes carved from wood or even stone. Originally some priests or shaman of Galbran and pagan tribes used these dice for divination and when all dice turned to show a skull, that was considered to be a sign of death, and became known as “death’s throw”. Often this meant that prisoners would be killed or sacrificed instead of meeting some slightly less horrible fate.


The Hilt has Turned


Many Martian tribes play a game called mupleg in which opponents stand across from a sword on a spindle, which is attached to a variety of ropes wound around that spindle. The opponents pull at the ropes attempting to turn the hilt in their direction and halt the spinning so that they can leap forward and grab the sword. Unlike the Muvari tribe, who plays with a dull edged or a wooden sword, the galbran play the game with a real sword and the spinning edge can sever finger and limb if a player is unfortunate. A player is considered to have the advantage if the hilt is turned in his direction and from thus springs the phrase ‘the hilt has turned’.