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Gantlet Brother Cover Gallery

Below is a collection which includes the covers for the currently published Gantlet Brother novels, followed by two other covers of story collections which feature one or more Gantlet Brothers and contain a Gantlet story within.

Nuclear Suitcase Cover-FW.jpg

Book One: The Nuclear Suitcase, PulpWork Press (2010)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)


Book Two: The Gantlet Brothers Greatest Hits, PulpWork Press (2011)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)


Book Three: Sold Out, PulpWork Press (2013)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)


Book Four: The Specialists, PulpWork Press (2016)
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)

Collections that Contain Gantlet Brother Stories:


Pulpwork Christmas Special 2015 (Preview)
Cover by MD Jackson


PulpWork Halloween Special 2016
Cover by MD Jackson


Weird Words of Joel Jenkins (Vol 1), PulpWork Press (2013)
Matthias Gantlet pictured on left, Blake Hawkins pictured center
Cover by MD Jackson (Preview)